Needed: School Supplies and Empty Pill Bottles

This fall, we will collect NEW socks of all sizes for children and adults in need.

We also are continuing to collect school supplies for children in need. Pencils, erasers, rulers, notebooks, paper, folders, glue sticks, tissues and so much more are needed.

 One last item that is very useful for adults is empty pill bottles with child safety caps. They are given out filled with toiletries. Please remove the labels before donating.

You can drop off your donations at one of two locations in Phoenix and one in Scottsdale.

For more information or collection addresses, please contact us.

Do you Knit?
Do you Crochet?
Help us make Scarves,
Newborn Baby Caps,
Lap Blankets and Chemo Caps

We donate newborn baby caps and lap blankets to Honor Health Medical
Center, scarves to
Sojourner Center and chemo caps to Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center.

If you are experienced or just a novice and want to participate in these efforts, please contact: Ronee Siegel at or Joan Davis at for more information.




Community Service is a fundamental part of the mission of BNC. Throughout the year, we collect items for various non-profit organizations in the greater Phoenix area, and your support is much appreciated. Additionally, our Mitzvah Mavens Study Group provides participatory activities for our members to volunteer directly with specific agencies. 

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Mitzvah Mavens
Participants in this study group volunteer at a variety of Valley non-profit
organizations. We meet at the specific locations of the organizations on various
dates, lending helping hands as needed. If there are activities that can be done
at home, participants will be notified.

See the Study Group Guide for more information about this and other study groups.

Knit a Mitzvah

Needed: Gently Used Purses

Community Outreach Co-Chairs

Debbie Gordon and

Gail Gradus

Do you have time on your hands? One of the pillars of the BNC Mission Statement is Community Outreach. Members who are interested in doing volunteer work for various charities from home, can contact

We will collect any gently used handbags, totes, purses, etc. that you bring with you to events and study groups for Purse-Impressions. This organization takes new and used handbags, fills them with toilet articles and distributes them to women coming out of rehab. 
You can read about this charity on the 
Purse-Impressions website.


Brandeis has launched a new Global Service Initiative in honor of their 75th Anniversary. They hope to illustrate how community involvement makes a compelling change and a positive mark on the world. Each chapter is compiling a list of the volunteer hours and organizations to which  their members contribute. Our chapter is always involved in community outreach and it’s so nice to be able to acknowledge that!

​Please submit your volunteer activities to