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“Brandeis gave me so many opportunities for personal growth,” she says. “It’s a measure of faith and more than a little coincidence that I should be so personally involved with Sustaining the Mind. Each and every day that we live with Parkinson’s further emphasizes the need for our support and philanthropy.”

Libraries are the heart of a great university, the lifeline of teaching, learning and research. The remarkable growth of the Brandeis Libraries has been achieved with the help of generous women and men who recognize the link between a world-class library and a high-quality education. Through a wide range of giving opportunities, you can fulfill your interest in books and learning and make an impact on one of America's leading research universities.

Make a Gift annuity

Meet Ronald and Sandra Levy

Including a bequest or charitable gift annuity in your estate plan is an easy and rewarding way to support Brandeis University and its students. You can receive guaranteed, fixed income payments for life. Rates are locked in at the time you donate. 

To learn more, please contact M’Lissa Brennan at

781-736-4178 or email at

BNC Scholarship Campaign

“Sandra and I strongly believe in Brandeis’ commitment to social justice and to providing financial support to students in need. As members, we give to the BNC Scholarship Campaign through a Charitable Gift Annuity, which is a win-win for all concerned.”  Ronald and Sandra Levy,

Boston, MA

  • Two out of three Brandeis students receive some form of financial aid. 
  • In the 2013-14 academic year, Brandeis awarded $88.4 million in scholarship aid (undergraduates and graduate students).
  • For the same period, the endowment and annual gifts designated to scholarships provided $17.2 million (19.4% of the total financial aid budget).

Make a Donation

Financial assistance plays a pivotal role in upholding Brandeis' founding principle of equal access to high education, regardless of a student's financial circumstance. Scholarships ensure that the best and brightest students are able to pursue an education at this unique institution.
Brandeis is committed to ensuring that it meets the financial needs of its students. Endowed scholarship funds, which provide a consistent, dependable funding source are required to accomplish this.

Meet George and Gail Weiss

Brandeis Libraries Book Fund​

Sustaining the Mind fund

As people live longer, neurodevelopment disorders have become a global epidemic.  At the same time government funding for scientific research is shrinking.  Private support is important to help bridge the gap so that a cure can be found for these devastating diseases.  

The Sustaining the Mind Fund supports neuroscience research at Brandeis and endowed scholarships for students in the sciences.  Research is the key to finding a cure.