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Our  Chapter offers a wide variety of study groups for the benefit of our members.

You will find something for book lovers, art lovers, movie lovers, foodies, hikers, golfers, etc.

  • Knit a Mitzvah
  • Men for Brandeis Activities
  • Golden Age of Radio
  • Great Decisions
  • Learning About DSLR Photography
  • Loom Knitting for Fun
  • Women of Substance
  • Yiddish for Nostalgia & the Brain
  • Explore the World of Interior Design
  • Mitzvah Mavens
  • Ancient Peoples of Central AZ
  • Boomers
  • Don't Worry Be Happy Hour
  • Movers and Shakers
  • Phoenicians of BNC
  • Planes, Trains and Automobiles
  • Sun Lakes Potpourri

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Groups for you, the Valley adventurers

Special Interest groups

Study Groups

  • Arts
  • Books

  • cinema

  • Fitness
  • Food
  • ​games
  • intellectual pursuits
  • Men for brandeis​ activities
  • special interest
  • ​Valley adventures

Groups for you, the pursuer of intellectual quests

  • Contemporary Issues
  • Creating Emotional Resilience: During and After the Pandemic
  • Current Events
  • Holocaust Education - Up Close & Personal
  • News and Politics
  • Raise Your Consciousness, Change Your Life
  • Restless Minds Discussion Group
  • Restless Minds for Men

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